aespa 에스파 'Next Level' MV

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aespa's new single "Next Level" is out!
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aespa 에스파 'Next Level' MV ℗ SM Entertainment


  • nævis

  • I Just Known rn that this song just buy by SM

  • wow fantastic baby

  • I’ve got a feeling we'll get double title track for their debut album. And they will showcase their different sides through it like red velvet’s. Im getting my hopes up!

  • Next Level es otro Nivel

  • Aespa queens

  • here because i miss them so much

  • aespa best girls


  • 128 2.4

  • Whoever choreograph this. Just damn!!!

  • #æspa

  • This song isn't even aespa's

    • you thought it's for blackpink? damn girl, that high note of Ningning and Winter cannot be imitated among the 4 members of bp.

    • ......

  • beat drop

  • Isn't this song from Fast and Furious called Next Level or something like that?? 😂😂 It's changed up but sounds almost like an Korean cover (unless it is??)

    • They bought the song

  • 128 586 045

  • We need to increase the daily vieeews. Let's get 129M by 6PM KST

  • happy weekend

  • Blackpink and aespa queens

  • I love Winter's short hair and blue leather jacket look in here

  • Show me the way to KOSMO yeah~~~

  • 💎

  • Weh ko jadi lelet gini sihhh

  • حبيتهم راح ادعمهم بس اخاف يتفككو بعد سنه او سنتين

  • You know the song is fire when SNSD is doing the choreo!

  • smangat 2M lagi yuk!!

  • HA

  • NEXT

  • Woaaah

  • S z #_!#&

  • c x VstndynC afra

  • CD cwbx zhstj

  • ,. Zcjeyk

  • So amazing

  • Beat

  • Work it out

  • Our babies

  • N I N G Y I Z H O U

  • N I N G N I N G

  • W I N T E R

  • K A R I N A

  • カリーナの見た目、全世界で最も美しい、最も美しい💗💗

  • aespa loves MYs. MYs love aespa.

  • aespa roty

  • Rápidos y furiosos ?

  • Jajajaja Puro Remake

    • Y que pasa algun problema???



  • Hey MYs how are you? Are you doing well? I've seen a lot of toxic things from (bad) part of Kpop community. I hope that MY as fandom won't be part of it. I'm extremely proud of girls and I hope they will make comeback this year. Much love whenever you are. 🤍

    • Hi! Thank you for sending us your love and concern for MYs ❤️ They are going to make a comeback this year with an album.

    • thanks..... I hope the same

  • N ae vis call ING

  • Lindas 😍🇧🇷

  • Winter (✿ ♡‿♡)

  • Lets go 1 Billion next year !

  • saya tau ini dari teman saya yang bernama ipan dia ada kpopers sejati saya kalah darinya terima kasih ibu yang telah melahirkan saya akhirnya saya bisa menemukan lagu sebaik ini

  • Sm pls be better with aespa if you want them for have more recognition. I don't care about anything just give them content and better promotion,they deserve more .

    • @ioi kim they didn't made the song what is so hard for you to understand please

    • @Taehyung's bae no you are the one who should stfu

    • @Mea Leiswalla copy song is same with buy the song? woah your mind is..... dumb

    • @Mea Leiswall who are you? Just stfu

    • they do not deserve more the only thing they do is to copy others like this song isn't even theirs please

  • ONe minute it's the song next level by aston wild with Change words Sm Whatever Trying to do I hate aespa on a day after a day despite my love at first 😢😢😢

    • Have an open mind helps. The co producer of original worked w SM for over a year. Success no. 1 Melon Korea which is not easy for rookies. Everyone involved are extremely talentes here.

    • sm bought the song so that aespa could make a remake lmao

  • Si me gusta mucho 😍😍😍😍

  • this is even better tyan the original one I-

    • Rosie Posie did it again.

  • Es Un Buen Grupo 💖🙇🏻‍♀️😻

  • this may be the song of the year

  • Написал комментарий.

  • Come on Mys don't be lazy! 130M by this weekend

  • Lets 129M

  • Next level indeed

  • I just love rina with 2 ponytails ♥

  • ممكن معلومات عن سركة أس أم

  • Me encanta

  • 리메이크가 뮤비 누적조회수가 1억뷰가 넘어???

  • SOTY

  • Hola MY's ¿Pueden escuchar "Flux" de Poppy? ¡Por favor! Es una cantante muy buena pero no tiene mucho reconocimiento por su música, estaré escuchando "Next Level", "Black Mamba" y "Forever".

    • Ok :)

  • Arteee

  • Very nice song

  • Ningning and Winter vocal>>>>>>>>>>>

  • 130M

  • Aespa supremacy

  • I'm on the next level

  • Too hot too hot